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As someone said a long time ago...

     "The Artist should not be a prisoner of anything. Like a prisoner of Mind, Colours, Shapes, Styles etc..."


What you will find here is contemporary and traditional art side by side. I have always tend to let the subject matter itself decide the final direction and outcome.


My Nordic background has also given me better understanding of the frozen environment. Changing seasons with multiple colours and shapes, long blue shadows.

Surprisingly, nature is also repeating itself many ways in North American Southwest 


Environment being simple, abstract and rich with lights and shadows. As you will see it in Santa Fe Trail- Westward Ho and the "Monumental" Monument Valley Pages. 


​​​​​​​​Ludovico Einaudi "Elegy for the Arctic" (YouTube)



 "Slush Two" Vanishing Abstractions 



Translating Arctic Vision into an Image 


What these pictures actually show is equally important as important as the ways they present themselves. 

lcebergs, the most familiar objects in the Arctic, are usually treated as being part of the overall landscape scenary, instead of being seen purely as optical experience. 




ln general, the artist's thinking has always been ground directed, instead of presenting to be involved only with the object itself. This tension is always one of the main strengths of paintings imagenary. 



"Coloured Touch" Reflections of Aurora 



This Journey Will Take You from... darkness in winter months to 24 hours of continuous sunlight in summertime. It means eternally changing daylight. Cloudy days and clear skies, long blue shadows and changing unique abstract shapes in multiple colours. 


Shapes molded by sun, rain, wind and snow. l hope that you will enjoy your journey and come back soon. 


(....and who was that someone? He was Henri Matisse.) 



"Tribe All Around" Santa Fe Trail- Westward Ho



Contemporary Art for Curious Minds